2023 Founders Weekend
03 & 04 February 2023, Pietermaritzburg

Johannesburg Reunion
25 November 2021, The Green Craft Bar, Johannesburg

Craig Hawksworth, Andrew Ferrari, Nigel King, Leigh Raath, Alan Haird, Lee Holmes [class of 85]

1984 2nd XV Front Row: Lee Holmes, Nigel King, Alan Haird

Durban Reunion
18 November 2021, Jack Salmon Restaurant, Glen Ashley, Durban

Connie Renison, Steve Christodoulou, Russell Laing, Les Fuhri, Hadyn Harris, Alan Haird, William Gibson

Carl Pachonick and Johnny Crawford Tribute Dinner
08 February 2020, Golden Horse Casino, Pietermaritzburg

A decade of Alex scrum-halves [is anyone able to name all the guys please?]

Founders' Day Assembly
07 February 2020, Alexandra High School (60th Anniversary), Pietermaritzburg

If you can, please let Mario know where and / or when the following events took place

Golf Day
(date??), Maritzburg Golf Club, Pietermaritzburg

Golf Day
(date??), Maritzburg Golf Club, Pietermaritzburg

Unknown Event #3

Random Unknown Event Photos


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